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Here at LaRaine, we are passionate about providing pure, natural, organic and high performance skincare. We believe in  natural ingredients for their authentic purity and fabulous results


About us


Welcome to LaRaine Skincare, nature’s premier effective skincare products, made in Canada. We seek out the world’s highest potency plant actives and creatively combine them for the best possible results. Our expertise in botanical chemistry and the science of the skin allows us to deliver visible, proven, beautiful results for every complexion.


The effectiveness of our skincare relies on ingredients we source exclusively from natural partners including fair trade farm partners around the world . Each plant ingredient is grown organically and sustainably in its habitat to ensure peak potency. This bio-intrinsic connection greatly enhances the skin’s ability to strengthen and repair itself. LaRaine works with your skin, to awaken your firmest, brightest, most youthful-looking skin-naturally